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My Creative Thought Process

My Creative Thought Process

Most of the time, I find myself explaining to people that great designs do not start from the software. So I thought to share this article explaining the thorough process I go through with each and every Identity design project.

Mini Strategy

I run brand strategy sessions as a full service which comes at cost. However, when I’m contacted for identity projects, I take the pain to run a mini strategy session. You may say “Won’t you be cheating yourself?” Oh no, I won’t. I ask as many questions as you can give answers to. This gives me insight into your brand and their pain point and helps me get a better aim at developing a unique solution for the brand while also fastening my work and reduces the back and forth.

Some months ago, I worked on a Logo development project for Klude. The team had an initial idea of what they wanted which was totally understood. Though I wanted to take it a step further, not take the easy option and just listen to what they wanted, but I wanted to make sure I delivered them a working solution so we had to still had to go through with the strategy session. After our first meeting, I was glad I’d gained some level of clarity of the brand while improving on their initial ideas.

Free flow of ideas

The next thing I do is to put pen to paper. I start to sketch out a lot of abstract ideas as raw as it comes (as freely as possible). At this stage, I apply no pressure. I go about my daily activities as normal as possible but realize that the project is somewhere laid in my sub-conscious and then everything I do or see, my brain just kind of relates that to the project at hand and how it can be better. That’s why I don’t take too many projects at a time.


The next step is to start my research into the brand’s industry trends. I get familiar with the relevant terms used in the industry and dig as deep as I can to properly find a balance between what we have discovered during strategy and where the industry is at. I also do an elaborate study on the key market players within the industry.


After this, I have another meeting with the client and then we talk about my findings, deliberate on the changes we need to make where necessary. Get some of their thoughts and ideas as well.

Concept Development

Having done extensive research, it makes my job much easier now when designing content. I sketch out more streamlined ideas resulting from the previous steps. These sketches serve as a guide.


Having not designed any visuals until this point, I put all the planning into action once I’m already pleased with the initial draft. I open up my computer to start designing with my favourite design software, Photoshop. Upon completion of the design, I deliver to the client for review before final completion.

Proven Success

I’ve been lucky enough to work on lots of really exciting projects, and I like to show the difference between me, and lots of other designers. I go the extra mile, not only to make sure the process is smooth, and efficient, but that the brand is capable of competing fairly in international market.

I hope you enjoyed your reading as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Reach out to me here for your next design/branding project.

Till next time,

Keep Building! Keep Branding!

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